Our Story




ÉP believes that everyone deserves to consume the greenest and most nutritious food. When it comes to fresh fruit juice, the quality of ingredients is even more important. Originated from the need & desire of the founder herself, ÉP was founded with a passionate heart and a big dream to bring the freshest, healthiest juices to everyone.

ÉP juices are made with the most advanced juice-making technology in the world right now: COLD-PRESSED, using the renowned Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicer. The high pressure system differentiates our products from those that are made with conventional juicers because it does not create heat that kills enzyme, hence extracts 3 to 5 more times vitamins, trace minerals, and enzymes. Moreover, cold press is the most effective process for minimizing oxidation, allowing us to store the juice for up to 3 days yet still maintain most of the vital elements.

At ÉP, we use the finest ingredients. We ensure high quality by carefully picking organic fruits and vegetables or those that are granted VIETGAP/GLOBAL GAP certificate, imported from both local and foreign farms. We say NO to sugar, preservatives, and artificial color.




When she was a student in the US, Hien had a chance to try and immediately loved pressed juices. From someone who rarely drank juice, Hien gradually became a huge fan and pressed juice has been an important part in her daily life ever since. However when she returned to Vietnam, pressed juice is no where to be found. This led to Hien's thinking why not just make pressed juice herself? It was firstly to fulfill her craving, then to introduce a high quality, good-for-health type of juice for everyone. From just a hobby, Hien began to research and learn more about pressed juice in order to build a cold pressed juice brand of herself. And like that, the journey of Ép has started!